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We love this question!!!   The answer is - Tranquility Incontinence Products are made with a  Patented Polymor Blend which turns the liquid into a solid.  What does that mean for you?  You will get comfort and freedom with NO leakage, NO odor and NO wetness.  You can finally sleep thru the night (and so can your caregiver).

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You are NOT alone - loss of bladder control or incontinence is very common affecting all ages & both genders.  When you evaluate absorbent products consider these important factors:

 -  Unsurpassed Liquid Absorption and Retention Capacity.  Most skin is prone to irritation, breakdown and the formation of pressure sores.  With our products, larger volumes of urine are retained and will not "leak out" even under pressure, resulting in dryer, healthier skin

-  Cost - Effectiveness.  A higher performance product lasts longer between changes. Using our products significantly lower daily expenses by reducing the amount of laundry costs and the use of skin care lotions.

 -  Leakage Protection.  Product absorbency enables one to lead a confident life instead of coping with withdrawal, anxiety, embarrassment and social isolation.

-  Odor Control.  One of the most objectionable characteristics of incontinence is the telltale ammonia odor of urine.  Our products help to overcome this challenge.

-  Control of Bacterial Growth.  Unabsorbed urine causes skin breakdown.  Leading to other health complications.  Our products neutralize urine pH and create a safer skin environment.

-  Convenience.  Our products are delivered direct to your door.

-  You will find caring confidential support.  Please feel free to contact a Moisture Management Coach at or by calling 928-541-1049

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