Youth and Adult Incontinence Products sold by the case and shipped DIRECT to your door.

Our Mission Statement:

We believe that all life is God given and precious so we at DJD Enterprises strive to serve our customers with respect and to provide the highest quality of products which we believe will uplift and enrich the lives of those we serve.

Company Overview:

We are a family owned and operated business for over 20 years and located in beautiful Northern Arizona.  We are committed to working with only the best manufacturers.  Tranquility and Select brands are THE leading Youth and Adult Disposable Incontinence Products and have been in the industry for over 25 years. Thank you for allowing us to serve you yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Our goal is two fold...
-  We want to help Youth and Adults maintain their independence while safely remaining at home
-  We want to help the Home Caregiver provide the best protection for their patients (or loved ones)


"ATN briefs are everything the product description states.  We are using less of the Tranquility briefs and our daughter is staing cleaner and dryer.  We are able to be away from home longer now because we know our daughter is staying dryer and more comfortable.  Yeah!"

-K.H., Parent-Caregiver, Vancouver, WA

-Disease state: Cerebral Palsy

Tranquility incontinence products are, by far, the finest and highest quality products available, bar none.  Specifically, the Premium OverNight disposable underwear have proven to be far superior to Depends, Serenity, and store brands, in terms of leakage protection and odor containment. "Total Protection, 24 hours a day" is not just a slogan.

-R.H., Caregiver, Fords, NJ

-Disease state: Dementia

"For several years I have had a bladder control problem at night.  I tried different products that my husband purchased at the store, but nothing kep me dry.  I developed Urinary Tract infections 2 - 3 times per year and rashes that required more medication.  My bladder control problem caused me to feel less of a person.  It was demeaning, I couldn't travel anywhere overnight and felt trapped in my own home.  I was depressed and completely frustrated.  I prayed for some type of relief and that is when I discovered Tranquility briefs.  I am now taking trips to visit my grandchildren.  I am no longer depressed - in fact I am telling everyone how Tranquility briefs CHANGED my life.  Although my bladder contol problem will never go away, I am No longer a prisoner to my disease.  I wake in the morning and after a quick shower, I am ready to take on the world?"

-B.S., Customer, Arizona

_Disease state:  Bladder control/Incontinence