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What is Incontinence?

Incontinence is the inability to control either urine or fecal elimination.  Essentially this means that to some degree you may loose urine or bowel movements at times that you do not choose to do so.

Some causes of incontinence:

-  Constipation

-  Effects of medicine

-  Immobility

-  Infections

-  Lack of muscle control )related to age, nervous system disorders, etc.)

-  Side effects of surgery

-  Pregnancy

What type of Tranquility product is best for the individual customer?

There are 3 factors one should consider:

1 - Volume and Frequency of incontinence episodes

2 - Mobility and Socialization patterns

3 - Personal Preference of individual style

What are the Absorbency Levels of the Youth and Adult Incontinence Products?

To simplify consumer selections, Select and Tranquility products are rated into 5 absorbency levels:

1 - Light:  Slight dribbling when you laugh, cough, sneeze or exercise

2 - Moderate: Have the urge to urinate but muscles aren't able to hold it -  cannot make it to the restroom in time

3 - Heavy: Complete loss of bladder control

4 - Maximum/Overnight:  Involuntary urination without any sensation of a full bladder or when you can't get to the bathroom fast enough.

5 - Added Protection:  Extends the use of any disposable undergarment

These absorbency levels are tested under pressure, simulating wearing conditions.

Why does urine need to be neutralized?

Urine is heavy in ammonia-type compound, which cause odor, skin irritation, and is a medium for rapid bacterial growth. 

Why is the comfort monitor so special?

The Komfort Monitor is a volume sensitive wetness indicator that shows "approximate volume capacity, under wearing conditions".  The two yellow lines on either side of the peach paper turn to blue when moisture is present.  The capacity of the brief is used up when a full 10 inches of the Komfort Monitor has turned to blue.  This enables one to use the brief to its full capacity and allows for fewer changes, less cost and less in landfills.

What do the Kufguards do for the product?

Tranquility's Kufguards provide extra leakage protection and help contain loose bowel.

Why pay more money for high performing incontinence products?

Higher performing products save money for many reasons:

-  Fewer changes us less products

-  Fewer changes provide more time for the enjoyable activities

-  Fewer changes eliminate waste of extra wipes, gloves, etc.

-  Saves time and energy by not having extra laundry loads

Do you have products that help with bowel incontinence?

The TopLiner Booster Countour has been made specifically for this purpose.  It has a wider surface for more absorbent capacity and a soft texture for easy clean up.  There is an adhesive strip on the back so it can be replaced  quickly with a fresh replacement.  The TopLiner improves user comfort by ending leakage, rashes and nighttime changes.

What is C.U.P. (Capacity Under Pressure) and Why is it important?

C.U.P. is the liquid absorbed by the product that cannot be forced out under pressure.  People using incontinence products are sitting, standing, walking and lying down - all of which exert pressure on the product.  Concerned caregivers and end-users are acutely aware that retention is a key factor in incontinence management.  All Tranquility and Select products display the C.U.P.

What is the Peach Mat Guarantee?

Tranquility's Peach Mat Construction guarantees unsurpassed performance in the areas of:

- Skin Dryness

- Odor Reduction

- pH Neutralization of urine

- Inhibition of bacterial growth

How can a disposable brief guarantee skin dryness?

Tranquility has developed a super absorbent polymer core that is incorporated in the center target zone of the brief.  It is designed to absorb more that 50 times its weight while turning urine into gel.  There is no puddling or leakage, ensuring greater patient comfort, and less skin irritation.

Why is there a reduction odor with Tranquility?

Tranquility places specially formulated super-absorbent polymers just under the Peach colored quilted area of each product. which locks in fluids quickly while neutralizing pH and inhibiting the effect of bacteria as a source of odor.

Why is odor elimination so important?

Offensive odor can be a sign of poorly performing incontinence products and improper patient care.