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Heavy Protection

Maximum/OverNight Protection

Added Protection

Tranquility-The Home-Caring Brand for Youth is the Only, TRUE Overnight Solution!

- Bridges Size Gap from Youth - Adult
- Delivers Unsurpassed Absorbency
- Holds over a QUART of Liquid
- Controls Odor
- Prevents Leakage
- Neutralizes pH for Skin Safety
- Eliminates Wet Bed Linens and Excess Laundry

OverNight and OverAll Performance, Guaranteed!

To simplify consumer selections, Our Bladder Control and Incontinence Products for Youth including teens diapers and preteens diapers that are rated into 3 absorbency levels: Heavy, Maximum/Overnight and Added. These absorbency levels are tested under pressure, simulating wearing conditions. So check out our incontinence products and get the best for teens in diapers online.

Tranquility-The Home-Caring Brand Products promote Cost-Effectiveness and Environmental Responsibility!

- Tranquility lasts longer between changes, and can actually result in significantly lower total daily expense and waste.
- Reasonably expect 6-8 hours of use before changing; holds significantly higher volumes than competitive products.
- Up to 50% cost savings; leakproof performance means fewer changes, fewer units purchased, fewer units to dispose and less labor required.
- Up to 30% laundry savings; fewer bedding changes, less detergent and water usage, longer linen life and less labor.
- Tranquility provides the maximum protection while minimizing the demands on resources and reducing waste - "Socially Responsible Consumption."

Peach Pad Construction (for pad-type products) use a patented composite structure of tissues, superabsorbent polymers, cellulose and liquid dispersing materials. Tranquility's peach-colored tissue assures that the product has Unparalleled Performance, Guaranteed!

Packaging accurately depicts absorbent capacity in cups
1 cup = 8 oz = 236 ml Capacity Under Pressure (C.U.P.)
C.U.P. is the liquid absorbed by product that cannot be forced out

C.U.P. varies by size. Be sure to check product description for capacity ratings.

Samples of various Tranquility and Select incontinence products are available.

All tranquility products are sold by the case in order to offer the best value to you.

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